Ludwig Bechstein (1801-1860)

"Ludwig Bechstein (24 November 1801 – 14 May 1860) was a German writer and collector of folk fairy tales.

He was born in Weimar, the illegitimate child of Johanna Carolina Dorothea Bechstein and Hubert Dupontreau, a French emigrant who disappeared before the birth of the child; Ludwig thus grew up very poor in his first nine years. His situation improved only when his uncle Johann Matthäus Bechstein, a renowned naturalist and forester living in Meiningen in the country of Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen, adopted him in 1810. He was sent to school in Meiningen, and in 1818, started an apprenticeship as a pharmacist." - ( 21.12.2019)

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Sammelheft HirsediebSammelheft Der beherzte FlötenspielerSammelheft SiebenschönDas NusszweigleinPostkarte AschenbrödelFotopostkartenserie Aschenbrödel
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