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North Star Computers

North Star Computers Inc. (later styled as NorthStar™) was an American computer company based in Berkeley, California existing between June 1976 [1] (when according to popular rumor it was formed as "Kentucky Fried Computers") and 1984. Originally a mail order business for IMSAI computers, it soon developed into a major player in the early microcomputer market, becoming first known for their low-cost floppy disk system for S-100 bus machines, and later for their own S-100 bus computers running either the CP/M operating system or North Star’s own proprietary operating system, NSDOS. North Star BASIC was a common dialect of the popular BASIC programming language. They later expanded their lineup with dual-CPU machines able to run MS-DOS, and a server version running either DOS or Novell NetWare. - Wikipedia (en), 27.07.2017

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