Frederick I of Prussia (1657-1713)

"Frederick I (German: Friedrich I.; 11 July 1657 – 25 February 1713), of the Hohenzollern dynasty, was (as Frederick III) Elector of Brandenburg (1688–1713) and Duke of Prussia in personal union (Brandenburg-Prussia). The latter function he upgraded to royalty, becoming the first King in Prussia (1701–1713). From 1707 he was in personal union the sovereign prince of the Principality of Neuchâtel (German: Fürstentum Neuenburg). He was also the paternal grandfather of Frederick the Great." - ( 08.11.2019)

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was born Kaliningrad July 11, 1657
died Berlin February 25, 1713
official King Prussia 1701-1713
official Kurfürst Brandenburg 1688-1701
son of Frederick William (1620-1688) [father of], Luise Henriette von Oranien (1627-1667) [mother of]
was buried Berlin Cathedral
Husband of Elisabeth Henriette of Hesse-Kassel (1661-1683) 1679-1683
Husband of Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668-1705) 1684-1705
father of Frederick William I of Prussia (1688-1740) [son of], Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668-1705) [mother of]
father of Princess Luise Dorothea of Prussia (1680-1705) [daughter of], Elisabeth Henriette of Hesse-Kassel (1661-1683) [mother of]
brother of Charles, Electoral Prince of Brandenburg (1655-1674)
Husband of Sophia Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1685-1735) 1708-1713


bridegroom Elisabeth Henriette of Hesse-Kassel (1661-1683) Potsdam August 13, 1679
bridegroom Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1668-1705) Herrenhausen October 08, 1684
bridegroom Sophia Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1685-1735) November 28, 1708

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Kaliningrad20.554.716667175293Place of birth db_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.07522
Berlin13.38333320617752.516666412354Place of deathdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.07522
Prussia13.40609073638952.519172668457place of actiondb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Brandenburg13.00805568695152.361946105957place of actiondb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Berlin Cathedral13.40111064910952.519165039062Burial placedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Potsdam13.06666660308852.400001525879place of weddingdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Herrenhausen9.685555458068852.403888702393place of weddingdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622

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